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Benefits Of Pin Tags For Healthcare Systems

Pin Tags, a revolutionary Salesforce AppExchange App, is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. In the last few months, this power-packed application has assisted hundreds of medical, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations by making a huge impact on the healthcare and wellness industry and in the lives of the patients and the caregivers they serve.

Let us find the features of Pin Tags now

Features of Pin Tags

1. Pin Tags work on the Salesforce Classic as well as the Lightning editions.
2. Tag colors (Admin can add tags color in ranges).
3. Mass tag creation (Admin can add tags in mass records).
4. Rule-based mass tagging (Admin can add tags in mass records based on selected rules).
5. Automated tagging (Admin can create processes for automated tagging).
6. Recommended tagging (Tags will populate to add in record details based on criteria).
7. Standard Tags (User can copy their standard salesforce personal tags to Pin Tags).
8. Objects & Fields Managements on Tag details page.
9. User Management (Admin can give access to users like Read, Add, Create, Delete, and Private).
10. Pin Tags shows top 5 popular objects in Donut chart.
11. Pin Tags show all the popular tags in “Popular Tags” Components.
12. Users can create Personal/Public tags.
13. Tags can be emailed to 50 recipients.
14. Search tagged records based on multiple tags joining with AND/OR.

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Advantages Of Pin Tags For Healthcare Systems

Available in both Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Classic editions, Pin Tags allow users to add mass tags for multiple records. Furthermore, critical Salesforce records can be easily tagged with a few clicks for managing the record and information lifecycle to verify data authenticity, reliability, and integrity. This information can then be used for evaluating the relative importance of information and data for each contemplated use. 

Healthcare organizations can also use Pin Tags to:

  • Minimize the frequency and severity of laboratory processes by facilitating enhanced tracking of equipment like test tubes, blood vials, and slides. This further translates to improved inventory control, safety, and efficiency.
  • Modernizing medical record activities
  • Minimizing errors for file issues and receipts.
  • Preventing the loss of critical medical files.
  • Reducing human efforts and improving overall productivity.
  • Maintaining Inpatient records, outpatient records, and emergency records.
  • Pin Tags can also be used when it comes to proper accounting for equipment and instruments.
  • Surgical nurses can concentrate better on assisting surgeons as the capabilities of Pin Tags can be used to eliminate the need for counting surgical instruments and physical tracking of equipment.

Pin Tag users can even customize tag permissions and segregate with color tags. Moreover, users can copy standard personal tags, delete and restore tags, and display popular objects. In other words, medical and healthcare organizations can make use of Pin Tags in different ways, especially when it comes to tracking, patient safety, provider satisfaction, and efficiencies in the segment of patient care.

Through Pin Tags, medical practitioners and hospital administrators can easily identify patient ID, medical staff, and blood sampling & medication data in real-time. One of the biggest advantages of Pin Tags is that it can be used to improve the efficiency of care. While standard barcode readers are capable of analyzing only a single piece of data at a time, Pin Tags can be used to track a large amount of data concurrently, facilitating information sharing and acquisition. 

All in all, this amazing app from Cloud Analogy, one of the most admired Salesforce development companies and Salesforce Consultancy firms globally, is second to none for improving data accuracy, reducing time spent on administrative duties, facilitating efficient and accurate tracking of data for members of the healthcare supply chain. The data facilitated by Pin Tags can also be used to receive and send a wide range of specific information like tracking dressing changes, medication administration, tracking patient transfers, patient checklists, and more. In addition to these advantages, Pin Tags can also be used to improve the efficiency in which healthcare and wellness providers provide care to their patients.


Pin Tags provides more than just a benefit to the healthcare and wellness industry. This Cloud Analogy app makes it easier to identify medical record files and thus it reduces the human efforts to quickly identify and locate a medical record file if it gets misplaced or lost. In short, Pin Tags is an excellent option to track, issue, and manage medical record files in a medical record department or hospital setting.


Akshay Dhiman

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)​

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