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Pin Tags-Take A Tour

In today’s era of big data and operational data stores, accurate tagging, identification, and classification of data are very important. The ability to tag and classify data increases operational efficiency in terms of system performance and memory utilization. Simplified and adequately tagged data makes it easy to use complex data that can then be utilized to support multiple applications, increase processing efficiency, minimize errors, and improve data security.

When it comes to dealing with a huge number of Salesforce Records, you require some kind of tags to categorize and arrange your data seamlessly. For this, the Pin Tags App by Cloud Analogy, a premier Salesforce development Company, offers innovative ways for managing your Salesforce records, effectively and efficiently.

What is Pin Tags?

Pin Tags is an out-of-the-box AppExchange application that allows you to classify all your Salesforce records and data, in both Classic and Salesforce Lightning Experiences. Using this application, you can easily improve the ability to categorize data and records.

Furthermore, this AppExchange app from Cloud Analogy helps you organize information efficiently. This can be done by tagging your records in your org, according to your preferences.

All in all, Pin Tags is an application to create customizable tags for your records, either personal or public Tags. Regardless of the number of fields on the object, this extraordinary application would unarguably be one of the most essential applications for your Org.

In order to reap the specific benefits that Pin Tags offers to businesses, we would first need to understand what are the features and advantages of Pin Tags.

Features of Pin Tags

Pin Tags is equipped with several amazing features such as:

Use Mass Tags for multiple entries

There are several types of tags that can be used in the Pin Tags application. They can be classified into two categories: popular tags and mass tags.

The tags that are used for the maximum number of times are called Popular Tags. These tags appear in the popular tags component of your application. Popular objects are displayed as convenient Donut charts.

On the other hand, Mass Tags are used for multiple entries. Using Rule-based mass tagging, you can add tags to multiple records based on selected rules.

Customize and Configure permissions

Pin Tags allows you to first configure and customize permissions for various users with the User Management option. There are several types of permissions: Read, Create, Private, and Delete.

Private tags cannot be accessed by all. The users have the right to create or delete tags. They can also have permission to read the tags, with no rights for changing them.

Delete the Tags for Inactive Users

The tags for inactive users can be deleted with just a click.

Use Color Tags for Meaningful Segregation of Records

The admins can use different colors for different tags, based on the frequency of usage by the users. This allows them to segregate records – all based on the colors used.

Display all popular tags in the “Popular Tag” component

Popular Tags are displayed in the popular tag component of your app. The popular objects are displayed as convenient Donut charts.

Objects and Fields Management is possible on the Tags Details page.

Using Object Configuration, you can decide which fields you want to see or access the Tab Detail Page.

Advantages of Pin Tags

1. Easy to Organize your records

With Pin Tags, you can easily organize and arrange your valuable Salesforce data. It enables you to keep track of all your data within your org.

There is no denying the fact that you must master the art of managing all your data and records accurately if you want to succeed in your business. By using Pin Tags, you can manage and manage all your records effectively. You no longer need to worry about losing data.

2. You can search all records easily

If you want to increase efficiency and productivity at the workplace, you should consider using the Pin Tags Application. You can easily search all your records based on these tags easily as it enables you to capture more data with less effort.

The existing users of this wonderful application from Cloud Analogy, one of the world’s most trusted Salesforce Development Companies and Salesforce Implementation Partners, are of the view that this is indeed a powerful tagging app to increase productivity. This app helps users spend more time on the core activities of their business and effortlessly manage complex records.

Final Words

Pin Tags is a great app with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to form your own tagging strategy across multiple leads, accounts, and opportunities to classify Salesforce CRM records. In a nutshell, Pin Tags is Innovative, scalable, and reliable – all rolled in one.

Are you struggling to find a robust and secure way to manage and classify your Salesforce records? Let Pin Tags be your assistant for data classification. Grab it now!

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